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Welcome to my portfolio website! I'm Arne Winter, a versatile computer programmer passionate about functional programming and game development. With a strong background in computer science and hands-on experience in various technologies, I strive to create innovative and efficient solutions.

Experience and Education

Favorite Technologies

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    In my spare time, I enjoy using Rust for a variety of projects. Specifically, I like using Rust for game development due to its efficiency and safety features. Additionally, I have found Rust to be useful for low-level hardware hacking and WebAssembly projects as well (such as the dotted images on this page!). Overall, Rust's versatility and strong community have made it a go-to language for me.

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    Haskell has quickly become one of my favorite programming languages. Through Haskell, I have programmed a wide range of hobby apps and have found it to be an incredibly powerful language. Additionally, I rely heavily on Haskell for my university coursework. Its functional programming paradigm and concise syntax make it a joy to work with.

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    I find Javascript to be an incredibly versatile language that allows me to be super productive. While I particularly enjoy working with vanilla Javascript, I also have experience with popular libraries such as Vue, React, and jQuery. Overall, Javascript's flexibility and ubiquitous presence in web development make it a valuable tool to have in my programming arsenal.

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    I was introduced to PHP during high school, and it quickly became a language that I used professionally. Through PHP, I was able to explore professional codebases and learn best practices in software development. Overall, PHP has been a valuable tool in my growth as a developer.

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    Java was the language that initially sparked my interest in programming. I discovered Java while playing Minecraft, and quickly became fascinated with the idea of developing my own plugins. Since then, I have grown into a professional software developer and continue to work with Java on a regular basis.

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    Python has become an important language for me, particularly in the context of scientific programming, data visualization, and machine learning. Through my university coursework, I have gained a deep appreciation for Python's versatility and ease of use and learnt to embrace its various libraries, especially PyTorch.

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    Working on a variety of platforms with different programming environments can be challenging. Fortunately, Docker has made this task much easier for me. With Docker, I can create efficient images that allow me to work seamlessly across multiple environments.

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    One of my favorite things about programming is when everything just clicks. By writing GitLab CI/CD pipelines, I am able to boost my productivity and ensure that my code is always up to date. The automation provided by CI/CD pipelines has become an essential tool in my development workflow.

  • godot logo


    When it comes to open-source game engines, Godot is my go-to platform. I have used Godot extensively for both recreational game programming and conceptual prototyping. Its intuitive interface and powerful features make it an ideal tool for game development.

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    As a hobbyist game developer and modder, I have found Blender to be an invaluable tool. I initially learned Blender as a teenager and have continued to use it over the years. Keeping up with the latest versions of Blender has been a priority for me, as it allows me to stay on the cutting edge of game development.

Programming and Projects

When it comes to programming, I'm always eager to learn new things and try out new technologies. I have come a long way since I wrote my first Java program at the age of 13 (which was a text to Morse code converter with a Java-Swing prompt that also had an audio playback feature).

๐Ÿ‘พ I'm a regular participant in Game-Jams where I team up with friends to create fun games within a 48-hour timeframe. It's a blast to try out new approaches to game development, and you can check out my completed games on my profile here.

๐Ÿ•น๏ธ As for my favorite games, I'm a big fan of real-time strategy games, especially the old-school ones. That's why I'm maintaining a 2-dimensional implementation of flow-field navigation for the Godot-Engine that allows for pathfinding for tons of actors in a game scene. You can find the project on my Github here.

๐Ÿง  Another area that fascinates me is board-game AIs. For my Bachelor's thesis, I investigated Game-AIs with a university colleague, focusing on the game of Othello. My task was to mentally decipher and recreate a simplified adoption of Deepmind's AlphaZero algorithm, which taught me a lot about AI and deep learning. I also trained a convolutional residual neural network with Python and coded the game and self-play algorithm functionally in Haskell.

โฑ๏ธ I'm also intrigued by distributive systems and parallel computing, which is why I'm maintaining the implementation of Interval-Tree-Clocks for the Haskell community. ITCs serve as an alternative to vector clocks, allowing clock-carriers to join or enter the system after clock initialization, making it easier to work with distributed systems. You can find the project on my Github here.

๐Ÿ’ป In 2017, when I was still in High-School, I've been employed as a student in the e-commerce sector, where I program frontends using Javascript with Vue.js and handle certain backend tasks that involve object-oriented PHP coding. My experience at work has also involved the use of both SQL and No-SQL databases, creation of Docker images, as well as shell scripting tasks on the Gitlab CI, and web-server maintenance.

๐Ÿ’ป In 2023 after finishing my bachelor's, I started working at neusta aerospace, also employed as a student. Here I am developing NodeJS backends and I am programming reactive Angular Apps using RxJS in a Docker based workflow.

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